Still Got The Blues For You.

This post is dedicated to the memory of another wonderful Irishman, Gary Moore

Gabriel Byrne. Blue shirt. Cue: Entire meltdown of all my critical systems.

Blue is for ... feeling sad. Which I still do sometimes, when I think of Gary Moore's death earlier this year.

Blue is for ... boys. It's maybe a while since Gabriel has been called a boy, but he still is 'boyish'. In all the right ways.

Blue is for ... ice. Gabriel's eyes are like one of the glacial colours one sees sometimes.

Blue is for .. divinity. Hindu gods are often shown with blue skin - especially Vishnu and Krishna.

Blue is for ... calm. Supposedly. I beg leave to differ. These images do not make me feel calm.

Blue is for ... water. I would like to navigate across oceans guided by the light of his eyes.

Blue is for ... royalty. One is said to have 'Blue Blood'. Gabriel may well be the last of the Irish High Kings.

Blue is for ... Irish sovereignty. Flaitheas √Čireann is represented as a woman in a blue dress.

Blue is for ... magic. Oh yes, yes. Plenty of magic. 

Blue is for ... woad. Or indigo, used to dye denim. Don't get me started on "Gabriel Byrne, wearing jeans" - just don't.

Blue is for ... the fifth chakra - that of the throat. I would be happy to listen to his voice for as long as he wanted to keep on talking.

Blue is for .. the sky. I'm up there right now, floating around some place. Come up and join me.